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Pioneer Water Tank Sizes

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Pioneer Rural Range Water Tanks come in many sizes and have these standard inclutions

Water Tank ModelLitresGallonsDiameterHeight
GT10 12,200 2,6002.67m 2.18m
19,1004,2003.34m 2.18m
GT3027,542 6,0534.01m2.18m
GT40 37,5738,2584.68m2.18m
GT50 48,96310,7615.35m2.18m
GT60 62,11113,615 6.02m2.18m
GT80 76,50416,8146.69m2.18m
GT90 92,57020,3457.35m2.18m
GT110 110,116 24,2128.02m2.18m
GT130 129,29228,416 8.69m2.18m
GT150 149,948 32,956 9.36m2.18m
GT170 172,52937,91910.03m2.18m
GT200 195,851 43,04410.70m2.18m
GT220 221,604 48,704 11.36m2.18m
GT250 247,47854,47812.03m2.18m
GT280 277,00060,83912.71m2.18m
GT290 290,63263,876 10.70m3.23m
GT330 328,09672,10911.36m3.23m
GT370 367,831 80,784 12.03m3.23m

More options available in the Pioneer Light Industrial and Commercial range or water tanks