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Pioneer Rural Water Tanks

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Pioneer Water Tanks for all your rural and agricultural needs

Designed for Australia’s harsh and demanding conditions, Pioneer water tanks are manufactured in Australia and have received the prestigious Australian Design Award.

Australian rural communities depend on water storage systems to survive. For over two decades, Pioneer Water Tanks has supplied rural Australia with water tanks for all types of farming and domestic applications.
Built with strong and durable BlueScope Zincalume® or Colorbond® Steel, using the exclusive v-lock profile, Pioneer Water Tanks can be designed to fit any environment.

For where water is its most precious, fire protection can be added, as well as an exclusive range of liners which guarantee the highest quality drinking water and maximum water storage safety possible.

Throughout Queensland, Victoria, South Australia, New South Wales, Western Australia, Northern Territory and Tasmania, farms are the backbone of Australia. The backbone of Australia requires the best protection for one of its most essential resources.

Don’t take any chances. To protect your valuable asset and access it where and when you need it, demand


Available sizes for Pioneer domestic, rural and agricultural water tanks


Model Litres* Gallons* Diameter Height Standard inclusions – no hidden costs or “domestic upgrades”
GT10 12,241 2,690 2.67m 2.18m – 50mm outlet and valve
GT20 19,126 4,204 3.34m 2.18m – 150mm overflow, down pipe and flap valve
GT30 27,542 6,053 4.01m 2.18m – leaf litter basket (roof inlet)
GT40 37,487 8,239 4.68m 2.18m – set of anodes for corrosion protection
GT50 48,963 10,761 5.35m 2.18m – superseal for dust and vermin protection
GT80 76,504 16,814 6.69m 2.18m – 5 layer Aqualiner (food safe)
GT90 92,570 20,345 7.35m 2.18m – removable ladder
GT110 110,116 24,212 8.02m 2.18m – 20 year conditional pro-rata warranty for 2.18m high tanks
GT130 129,292 28,416 8.69m 2.18m – 10 year conditional pro-rata warranty for 3.23m high tanks
GT150 149,948 32,956 9.36m 2.18m – delivery and installation on your prepared sand pad
GT170 172,529 37,832 10.03m 2.18m
GT200 195,851 43,044 10.70m 2.18m   Additional accessories for purchase:
GT220 221,097 48,593 11.36m 2.18m  – 80mm, 100mm, 150mm outlets and valves
GT250 247,478 54,478 12.03m 2.18m  – extra baskets
GT290 290,632 64,585 10.70m 3.23m  – concrete kit (hoop, geotextile, hold downs)
GT330 328,096 72,910 11.36m 3.23m
GT370 367,831 81,740 12.03m 3.23m  More information at Pioneer brochure
Aggregate, water and plumbing connections not included. Additional accessories available upon request. Available in Zincalume or Colorbond (prices vary)
*Gross Capacity. Allowance must be made for air gap and pipe work positioning to establish usable tank volume

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