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Pioneer Water Tank Site Preparation

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How to Prepare your site for your Pioneer Water Tank

It is important to prepare your site before we come and install your Pioneer Water Tank. Before any water tank is installed, a stable sand pad foundation must be prepared. This will ensure your water investment is protected and will ensure we can install safely.

There are some important things to consider when selecting your tank site and preparing the pad:

  1. The sand pad must be level, stable and free of debris prior to construction.
  2. The sand pad must be at least two metres larger than the diameter of
    your tank.
  3. For sloping tank sites, ensure adequate drainage to divert run off away from the tank wall.
  4. Aggregate must be placed around the circumference of your tank to
    stop erosion and comply with warranty conditions*.
  5. A retaining wall may be required to maintain
    pad integrity**.
  6. Your tank should not be left empty for an extended period of time.
    A minimum load of water (10% of tank capacity) should be placed in
    your tank at the completion of construction.


** 1,000 litres of stored water weighs 1,000kgs

Geotextile: Although a properly prepared sand pad will minimise the risk of contaminants or debris compromising your water supply, Pioneer Water Tanks also recommends installing a geotextile membrane for added protection.
Approvals: Before you start preparing your site for installation of your water tank, Pioneer Water Tanks also recommends you contact your local council to see if there are any regulations or restrictions in place.

Your Pioneer Water tank preparation Guide
Select your tank size to determine size, material and water required.

Water Tank ModelDiameterHeightSand Pad Size

Sand Required
Cubic Meters
Aggregate Required
Cubic Meters
Water required for first fill
GT10 2.67m 2.18m4.67m x 150mm3.00.4600
3.34m 2.18m5.34m x 150mm4.0
GT304.01m2.18m6.01m x 150mm5.00.61,300
GT40 4.68m2.18m6.68m x 150mm6.00.71,750
GT50 5.35m2.18m7.35m x 150mm7.00.82,300
GT60 6.02m2.18m8.02m x 150mm8.00.92,900
GT80 6.69m2.18m8.69m 150mm9.01.13,550
GT90 7.35m2.18m9.35m x 150mm10.01.24,350
GT110 8.02m2.18m10.02m x 150mm12.01.35,050
GT130 8.69m2.18m10.69m x 150mm14.01.46,000
GT150 9.36m2.18m11.36m x 200mm16.01.57,000
GT170 10.03m2.18m12.03m x 200mm17.01.67,900
GT200 10.70m2.18m12.70m x 200mm19.01.79,000
GT220 11.36m2.18m13.36m x 200mm21.01.810,200
GT250 12.03m2.18m14.03m x 200mm23.01,911,400
GT280 12.71m2.18m14.71m x 200mm26.02.012.900
GT290 10.70m3.23m12.70m x 200mm19.01.79,000
GT330 11.36m3.23m13.36m x 200mm21.01.810,200
GT370 12.03m3.23m14.03m x 200mm23.01.911,400
GT41012.70m3.23m14.71m x 200mm26.02.013,900
GT50014.04m3.23m16.04m x 200mm27.821.314,000