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Pioneer Water Tank Sizes

Pioneer Rural Tanks

Pioneer Water Tanks rural range are suitable for most applications and are ideal for primary producers and domestic use. Pioneer has been installing water tanks for over 30 years.


Looking for the best water tank for your Pastoral station, cattle farm, sheep stations, piggeries, poultry, broadacre cropping, fruit tree farms, wineries, vegetable crops look no further than Australia’s #1 selling big tank. Pioneer Tanks are also ideal for irrigation of schools, sports fields and parks as part of a rainwater harvesting or stormwater detention system. Wanting to put your families water security in your own hands’ Pioneer Tanks are ideal for rainwater harvesting during the wet so that your family has water safely stored for the long dry seasons.   Just like thousands before you, you can rely on a Pioneer Water tank for your future water security.

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Pioneer Water Tank Light Industrial Range

The light industrial tank range offers increased water capacity on the same footprint by increasing the height of the tanks to 3.23m.

Pioneer light industrial tanks are popular irrigation and primary producer tanks. They are also a good selection for commercial warehouses and properties where space is limited.