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Divine Water Tanks product range includes

Pioneer Water Tanks

Pioneer Water Tanks

Designed for Australia’s harsh and demanding conditions, Pioneer’s GALAXY® range of water tanks is manufactured in Australia and is available from 12,000 to 250,000 litres in a standard range, or can be custom built up to 2.6 million litres.

This allows you to choose a Pioneer tank which is ideally suited to your needs be they domestic, agricultural, commercial or industrial.

It’s the original and the best and its 100% made in Australia using Australian materials and local people

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Pioneer Fire Water Storage Tanks

A reliable and affordable solution for more demanding applications.

An economical fire water tank that can be fitted up to be compliant with the current BCA standard AS2419.1-2005 or the new proposed AS 2304-2011 requirements.

Installation by an experienced fire water tank team.

Wide range of Nozzels and fittings to meet your specified requirements

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Fire Water Storage Tanks

Tankworks Aqualplate Domestic Water Tanks

Tankworks Aquaplate Domestic Water Tanks

These tanks come pre-manufactured using Asustralia Bluescope Aquaplate steel and ready for installation on your prepared pad for a quick and easy water storage solution. Available in various sizes from 500 litres to 29 000 litres in ZINCALUME or chose from the range of COLOURBOND Steel range Standard Colours.

Made-to-measure water tanks, in any size you like. Want something that fits just right our supplier makes water tanks to the size and specifications you need. Forget one-size-fits-all. Our residential water tanks are available in Slimline, Modline, Round, Square to suit.

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Bartlett Water Tank Liners

If your existing steel or concrete water tank is leaking yet the structure is relatively sound, relining is a cost effective option that can extend the life of your old tank significantly.

We use only the highest quality Australian made liners that are all reinforced, meaning that the liner has a weave which provides strength and allows the liner to be hung from the tank walls without stretching over time.

Bartlett Liners offer tank liners for various bolted steel tanks, existing concrete tanks, corrugated iron tanks and underground tanks. These liners are used all over Australia and in many overseas countries.

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Water Tank Liners