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Fire Water Storage Tank Solutions

Fire Hydrant, Fire Sprinkler, Fire Water storage or simply a reserve Divine and Pioneer have a solution


AS2304 is the proposed Australian Standard for Water storage tanks for fire protection systems. This Standard sets out the minimum requirements for the design, construction, installation, commissioning and maintenance of bolted steel water tanks for the storage of water for fire protection systems.


AS 2419.1 is the Fire hydrant installations – System design, installation and commissioning. This AS 2419 Standard applies to the design installation and commissioning of a fire hydrant system. The large range of Pioneers tanks can be set out to meet most construction requirements.


Pioneer Water Tanks can be set out to comply as part of the Fire hydrant systems and water supply requirements for the Queensland Development Code Part 3.7 for Farm buildings. The Pioneer GT170 water tank delivers the required effective capacity of 144000 required by the code.

Fire reserve

Pioneer Water tanks are perfect for supplying a household with both fresh water as well as serve as a Fire Reserve Tank. One storage tanks can be used for both purposes by adding a Cam lock fitting at the base of the tank wall and a domestic connection higher on the wall.

A reliable and affordable solution for more demanding applications.

Pioneer Water Tanks can be designed, manufactured and installed to meet AS2419 and AS2304 codes as well as the Queensland Building Code Part 3.7 – Farm buildings.

Pioneer Water Tanks have various diameter and height options and flexible nozzle locations to meet your projects requirements.


Manufactured in Australia from quality Australian steel and liners.

The Pioneer Fire Solution offer Fast, Safe, and Economical manufacture and installation methods which have proven to be effective and reliable.

Divine Water Tanks offers a professional service and draws on Pioneer Water Tanks expertise and knowledge in the area of  water tank storage solutions for hydrant and sprinkler systems.

No matter the size or scope we offer solutions from 12KL to 370KL in our standard range of tanks that are between 2.18 and 3.23 meter high.

Taller tanks with larger capacities are available via our Commercial build team.





    • Fire Water Storage tanks from 2.18 meters up to 3.23 metres high with gross capacities ranging from 12,000 litres to 370,000 litres.
    • Large range of outlets/inlets and valves to suit specific requirements (up to a 150mm diameter)
    • Various sizes and heights to fit most available spaces.
    • Use of the exclusive 5 layer Aqualiner approved to Australian, American and British Standards for potable water.
    • Can be installed on a sand pad or a concrete ring beam (site application and Standard specific).
    • Fast and easy to install at any stage of a project.
    • Compliant with the current standard AS2419.1-2005 and the new standard AS2304


Typical sizes for Pioneer Fire Water Storage tanks

If your have larger storage requirements please speak to us Divine are able to build water tanks in excess of a million litres.

Model Diameter 2.18m High Gross Capacity* 3.23m High Gross Capacity* Standard Inclusions
XL01 2.67m 12KL 18KL – Industry Standard Dome Roof
XL04 3.34m 19KL 28KL – Internal and External Galvanized Ladder (AS1657)
XL05 4.01m 28KL 41KL – Lockable Hinged Access Hatch (535) with Platform
XL08 4.68m 38KL 56KL – Commercial Fire Level Indicator
XL10 5.35m 49KL 73KL – Roof Ventilator
XL13 6.02m 62KL 92KL – Top and Bottom Support Hoop for increased strength
XL15 6.69m 77KL 114KL – Heavy Duty 5 layer reinforced Aqualiner (food safe)
XL20 7.35m 93KL 137KL – Concrete Hold Down Brackets
XL23 8.02m 110KL 163KL – Signage
XL25 8.69m 130KL 192KL – delivery and installation on your prepared sand or concrete pad
XL30 9.36m 150KL 223KL  – Geotextile Underlay
XL35 10.03m 173KL 255KL – Vermon and Dust protection and Condensation barrier
XL40 10.70m 196KL 291KL Can be designed for cylonic areas.
XL45 11.36m 222KL 328KL – Set of Anodes
XL50 12.03m 248KL 368KL  – Choose from the wide range of optional Nozzels and accessories available
1KL = 1000 litres of water
Aggregate, water and plumbing connections not included. Additional accessories available upon request. Available in Zincalume or Colorbond (prices vary)
*Gross Capacity. Allowance must be made for air gap and pipework positioning to establish usable tank volume / effective capacity.

Our Fire Water Tanks comply with the most up to date Australian Standards

Pioneer Water Tanks ensure all products and components meet the highest quality requirements to meet Australian Standards.

The relevant clauses of the following Standards are used by Pioneer Water Tanks when designing water storage tanks for the Australian market.

• AS2304 Water Storage Tanks for Fire Protection
• AS4100 Steel Structures
• AS1170.1 Live and Dead Loads
• AS1170.2 Earthquake Loads
• AS1657 Ladders Platforms
• AS2419.1 Fire Hydrant (Tanks)
• AS2118 Fire Sprinkler Systems
• AS2832.2 Cathodic Protection
• AS2239 Galvanic (sacrificial) Anodes for Cathodic Protection
• AS/NZS4020 Testing of Products for use in Contact with Drinking Water

To meet your fire protection requirements today.

Fire Protection

If you are looking for a fire reserve on you rural or domestic tank we can create a fire reserve by adding one fire fitting, now that is an ideal solution as back up fire protection.

Pioneer Water Tanks Fire tested

Pioneer (lined Steel ) Water Tanks are also the ideal solution for fire protection, a tank was subjected to a 30 minutes flame immersion test by the Australian Governments Bushfire Cooperative Research Centre in 2006. The Pioneer tank maintained its structural integrity and was able to retain water during and after the firefront.