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Light Industrial Pioneer Water Tanks

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Light Industrial Pioneer Water Tanks

From 12,000 litres to 368,000 litres from one tank add more tanks to increase capacity.

Divine Water tanks have a range of Pioneer Water tanks to meet your Light Industrial requirements.

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The Pioneer water tank light industrial range features a Commercial water tank body, commercial Aqualiner and Industry Standard roof and comes in either 2 ring 2.18m height or 3 ring 3.23m heights where space is a restriction

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Australian design and manufacture.


Pioneer Water Tanks manufactures tanks from 6,000 up to 2.66 million litres.

The Pioneer water tanks have the necessary structural engineering to suit either rural/domestic or commercial uses.
Depending on the clients’ needs our Pioneer water tanks can be designed to suit earthquake zones, cyclonic regions,heavy industrial or highly specialised environments.

Pioneer water tank combines the strength of the exclusive 8-80 V-lock profile, with an aesthetic appeal, incorporating a protective capped bolt system and innovative, fully enclosed vertical bolt cover.

divine-water-tanks-92 kl-industrial-mttamborine

Available sizes for Pioneer Light Industrial tanks

Model Diameter 2.18m High Gross Capacity* 3.23m High Gross Capacity* Standard Inclusions
XL01 2.67m 12KL 18KL – 50mm outlet and valve
XL04 3.34m 19KL 28KL – 150mm overflow, down pipe and flap valve
XL05 4.01m 28KL 41KL – leaf litter basket (can be swapped to 50mm wall inlet)
XL08 4.68m 38KL 56KL – set of anodes for corrosion protection
XL10 5.35m 49KL 73KL – lockable access hatch
XL13 6.02m 62KL 92KL – superseal for dust and vermin protection
XL15 6.69m 77KL 114KL – 5 layer Aqualiner (food safe)
XL20 7.35m 93KL 137KL – 2m or 3m removable ladder
XL23 8.02m 110KL 163KL – Geotextile
XL25 8.69m 130KL 192KL – 10 year conditional warranty
XL30 9.36m 150KL 223KL  – delivery and installation on your prepared sand or concrete pad
XL35 10.03m 173KL 255KL
XL40 10.70m 196KL 291KL Inlets and outlets up to 150mm available.
XL45 11.36m 222KL 328KL Can be designed for cylonic areas.
XL50 12.03m 248KL 368KL  Fixed ladder can be provided to comply with AS2419
1KL = 1000 litres of water
Aggregate, water and plumbing connections not included. Additional accessories available upon request. Available in Zincalume or Colorbond (prices vary)
*Gross Capacity. Allowance must be made for air gap and pipe work positioning to establish usable tank volume